Great, that you are interested in supporting us with your time!

You want to support refugees, but you don't exactly know how? Then come by the Südcafé and vistit us or sign up in our list of tasks!

There are many possibilities to support the Südcafé, and it doesn't matter whether it's spontanously, regular or irregular:  

  • For those, who like to meet people: just come by as one of our guests regular or irregular on Tuesday or Thurday! Join other guests while they play board games, study German or simply talk with eacht other. Feel free to bring your kids! 
  • For those, who like to bake: we are always in need for cakes and cookies. You can sign up in our list of tasks and check out on which dates we still need cakes. 
  • For our children: everyone is welcome to the Südcafé, this is way we need your time for our little guest in child care! 
  • For those, who like a little bit more responsibility: You want to have more responsibility? Awesome! Take over a Südcafé-shift. That means to get everything ready from 3.15pm on and tidy everything up until 6.30pm. A shift also includes to supervise the Südcafé and take care of the coffee and cake buffet. But don't worry, they are always three in shift and someone with experience will guide you through!

As you can see, we need you and you support! Please feel free to sign up for our list of tasks or come by and visit us!

We are looking forward to you!