We are providing a space (Südcafé) for refugees and the neighbourhood of Südvorstadt to get together, to get to know and to support each other.. 

We are located in Schletterstr. 7, in the cafeteria on the ground floor of the Protestant School Center which is also close by the refugee camps.

We want to create structures which are reliable and encourage volunteer work. That also includes being up-to-date regarding projects and support for refugees by being presen. Our space is giving space to meet and a good vibe to exchange information. 

We would like to be a center of networking and make help from the neighbourhood possible. It is important to us, to promote meetings between refugees and neighbours by fostering a welcoming and positive atmosphere, to give refugees a face and name. Just to be there, listening, where help is needing and trying to impart. 

Our Südcafé is opened every Tuesday and Thursday, 4-6pm and is covered mainly by volunteers. 

The Südcafé is a joint project by Behtlehemkirchgemeinde and Peterskirche Leipzig.